Taste and See: film documentary now screening

Five years after beginning the project, and two years after the first film was finished, the first instalment of Andrew Brumme’s pivotal film documentary series Taste and See is ready for viewing this weekend. Here at LWCCN we know Andrew quite well, and we love the idea of exploring food as a means of discovering and relating to God’s creation (and to God himself).

Having faced the same challenges many of us in the world of creation care have faced (“The mainstream distribution world thinks our project is “too spiritual“, but the religious distributors think we’re “not spiritual enough” for their niche audiences. We’ve been caught in the middle.”, says Andrew.) the project has decided to go straight to the audience – you and me.

We’ve posted the trailer below. Here’s how you can help the project:

  1. Buy a Ticket for the Virtual Screening.*(see below) All tickets help, but if you can afford the higher level tickets you’ll contribute additional funds and get access to bonus content!
  2. Make a financial gift to Taste and See, above and beyond your ticket cost, if you’re compelled to give even more to this vision.
  3. Invite your friends and family who might be interested in Taste and See to participate in the virtual cinema event.


Recognizing that a US$20 ticket would be difficult for many of our readers to manage, the Taste and See project has made us the following offer: For every ticket purchased through the ticket links on this page, they will donate one free ticket to be made available to another LWCCN member on request. So if you are in a position to do so, do yourself and someone else a favor by buying a ticket. And if you would really like to see this film, but the ticket price is beyond your budget, send us a note with your particulars and we’ll reserve a ticket for you as they become available through the generosity of our other members.

If you’d like to read more, here’s an in-depth interview with Andrew.