Biologos Podcast Series: Creation Groans

We have long appreciated Biologos for their leadership in bridging the perceived but largely imaginary gap between faith and science. And we’ve noticed recently that they are doing more and more in the area of creation care.

We are thus pleased to be able to point readers of The Pollinator to a recent series of podcasts on the topic of Creation Groans. The three episodes cover

  • World of Wounds: We explore some of the wounds to the planet that often go unseen and we realize that the path to hope begins with the acknowledgement that the wounds are deep and troubling. 
  • Into the Darkness: We allow ourselves to fully contemplate the woundedness of the planet and we reach into the Christian practice of lament as a way to find hope in the midst of the suffering we see around us.
  • Hope on the Other Side: In this episode we explore what exactly hope is, how it relates to optimism, and how, when we find hope, we might also find repentance, forgiveness, joy, and love.

The featured guests are names well-known in the US, though perhaps not as well known to readers in other countries. Transcripts are available if your internet connection won’t handle the audio.

Here’s the first episode: World of Wounds:

Along the same lines, we also salute the National Association of Evangelicals in the US (part of the World Evangelical Alliance) for their recent issue of their magazine, Evangelicals, also on the topic of creation care. Again the writers are exclusively from the US, as is to be expected, but the material should be of interest to all of us – and an encouraging sign that evangelical care for God’s creation is not completely absent from the American evangelical scene.

Download the PDF here.