Floods in Pakistan: The latest, and one of the worst, climate disasters to date.

The disastrous floods in Pakistan can hardly be captured in pictures or words. As of this writing, about 1300 people have been killed, with perhaps 1/3 of them children. 33 million people affected, more than a million houses destroyed. The entire agricultural crop (fields and animals) wiped out. Disease rampant. And the rains have not yet stopped. All of this as the world already faces food shortages because of the war in Europe.

The Pakistan story is that much more devastating for your editor: I (Ed Brown) grew up in the Sindh province (in the yellow area in the map below).

There are plenty of opportunities to donate for relief efforts – we’re sure many of you have done so already. Beyond that, this story obviously shows the importance of increasing our efforts communicate to the global church and human society as a whole that climate change is not a future problem, but a present threat.

May God have mercy.