COP26 – How to Keep Up

There is going to be a lot of climate news over the next two weeks as COP26 gets under way. The conference opened in Glasgow a few hours ago, and in the next couple of days will move from ceremonial speeches to hard-core negotiating. No one knows how this one will turn out, but it appears that everyone from politicians to the Pope agree that COP26 is a last-chance for the planet, or at least for human society’s future on the planet. Earth will survive; whether our children and grandchildren do is an open question at the moment.

We’re going to publish some extra Pollinator posts in this space over the next couple of weeks, including several today that will give you an idea of how to pray and what to pray for.

In the meantime and because there is too much for us to try to cover (and we really don’t want to be the ones responsible for your overflowing in-box!), may we suggest these options if you would like to hear direct from those on the ground in Glasgow:

Climate Intercessors

have an excellent guide to prayer on their website (“Pray through 10 Strategic Prayers for COP26“) and are also sending out daily updates. We’ll be including some of their material ourselves, but if you want to get them direct, sign up here.

TearFund Scotland

are hosting daily prayer services live-streamed on YouTube. You can participate live from their Facebook page here, and click on past services as well.

Christian Climate Observers Program (CCOP)

is participating in their second COP. This program is designed to allow participants (mostly from the US) to attend and engage in some of the behind-the-barriers activity at COP26. We heard they were able to sit down for an hour with former Vice President Al Gore yesterday. They will be sending out daily newsletters as well. Sign up here.

There are probably more ongoing news sources. If you find one that is particularly useful, send it our way!