ASA Winter Symposium Jan 28: Scientists and the Church

Even if you are not a scientist, if you are reading this you probably know several. And you may also know that it is not easy today to be a scientist and a Christian both in the world and sadly in the church as well. The American Scientific Affiliation under new Executive Director Janel Curry* is hosting an online Symposium on 28 January at 1 pm Eastern time (US) 1800 UTC, that is open to anyone and everyone, no matter what country you live in. This program is highly recommended for scientists and those who want to learn more about how to support them and learn from them. Donations are welcome but not necessary to attend.

Here is the program description:

Genetic Engineering. Climate Change. Artificial Intelligence. Vaccines. Any one of these contemporary topics involves science and scientists. Many of these scientists are faithful members of our congregations. How do these church members experience discussions within their faith communities when nonscientists attempt to understand these issues from their faith perspective? And how can churches better engage Christians who are scientists in serving the church? 

Click here for more information and to register.

*Dr Curry is a long-time friend of the Creation Care movement; it is good to have someone like her at the helm of an organization like the ASA!

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