Dave Bookless Seminar at Les Courmettes – You don’t want to miss this!

Many members of our Creation Care family have benefited from Dave Bookless teaching on creation care. How would you like a whole week of Dave? If you live in (or near) Europe, this is for you! (Dave is a Lausanne Catalyst for Creation Care, along with Ed Brown).

From 1 to 7 September (that’s a whole week!), Dave will be teaching at Les Courmettes, A Rocha’s beautiful campus overlooking the Mediterranean sea in southern France, the site of the Lausanne/WEA Global Campaign’s Europe conference two years ago. His topic is “Your Kingdom Come: Living with Hope in a Wounded World”. Part of the seminar description:

We live in an era of ecological disaster and fear, with predictions of disastrous climate change, loss of wildlife, plastic pollution and waste. In addition, many are in despair at economic, social and political trends which cause injustice, division and poverty. What is the Bible’s message to today’s context? How does caring for creation relate to the Gospel message? Is the task of the church to prepare people for heaven, or to seek transformation here and now? How can and should we live with hope, wonder and joy in a world of wounds?

Get more information here: www.courmettes.com/en/evenement/seminar-on-creation-care-with-dave-bookless/
Including cost, registration details, etc.