Turning waste into jobs in Malawi

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Tiyanjana Banda wants to do something about the problem of solid waste in Malawi. He sees it as a blessing in disguise thanks to a machine he has designed that will turn plastic waste into building blocks:

I have developed a Social Enterprise that will create employment for young people as well as reduce deforestation and manage waste.

I need funds to fabricate machines that I have designed. The machines will help me turn all plastic and biodegradable waste into money, through the production of construction material and Biomass alternatives.

Waste is a very huge problem for Malawi especially in the major cities of Malawi. We considers waste a blessing in disguise as it is resource that is freely accessible and can be used as a resource for many environmentally friendly products such as bricks, blocks among other infrastructural materials. The process of coming up with such products, create Jobs for young people in the production chain as well as rid the environment of waste, odour and diseases that come along with it. Not only does the reuse of waste especially plastic rid the environment of waste, but also helps curbing deforestation demanded by the brick making industry as well as save on green Gas emissions through the cement production industry.

These machines will cost US$2,000 to fabricate, and there is an additional cost of US$1,500 for a building to house them. Tiyanjana is seeking to raise the funds on a GoFundMe page here.

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