Home-in-Garden Project in northern Thailand reaches 5 communities, hoping for 50 next year

Tui Bansak, who participated in the first Regional Consulation in SE Asia in 2014, has been working with the Mara people on food security and watershed management. He reports,

There have been some initiatives started such as Clean and Green Village project and a declaration on environmental protection and conservation by Mara people (they are considered 100% Christian).
Recently, we talked about the World Environment Day and they liked it that’s why they have started it even though it’s still small but at least 5 communities participated and total of 500 people included of children at schools and also local government officers such as military and police.
The plan for next year will be a little bit bigger event which we expect around 50 communities will join, work and pray together with people around the world at the next World Environment Day.

The attached photos are from Tui’s project Home In Garden at home-in-garden.business.site/