Season of Creation Plastic Revolution Webinar

You’ve seen the pictures of plastic in the ocean? What better way to celebrate the Season of Creation than by finding ways that you can do something about it?

Dr. Bob Sluka, A Rocha International’s “ocean guy” (actually, he’s a serious scientist heading up ARI’s Marine and Coastal Conservation Programme) will be one of the keynote speakers at The Plastic Bank’s Season of Creation Interfaith Webinar on the Social Plastic Interfaith Revolution on 5 September. Information and registration information are here:

Here’s their description of the program:
Thousands of Christians worldwide gather together to follow the call to action to save our planet. This year, Plastic Bank is joining to launch our Social Plastic Interfaith Revolution. Our urgent call to action is for healing the ocean and empowering poor communities. This overlaps strongly with the teachings of all religions. Together, we can make a difference.

We kick-off with a powerful webinar on September 05 with top-notch speakers to guide us on our journey to put our faith into action and become the change the world needs today. We will learn what is happening in our oceans. We will get inspired by the powerful message of our faith and we can engage in impactful action to make a difference. (click above to read more)