Reconciliamar – Adding the spiritual dimension to creation care

One of the most creative creation care projects we know is in Baja California on the west coast of Mexico. Steve Dresselhaus stepped back from a senior leadership position at a major North American mission agency a few years ago to begin Reconciliamar, with the stated goal of doing evangelism, church planting, and creation care. They are having a wonderful time!

Here’s Steve’s latest note to us:

We are in the process of leaving the traditional church and have launched an exciting and growing house church movement with is attracting scientists, professors, medical doctors and other professionals who are the movers and shakers of our local society. This morning we launched our first ever web page (very simple). We do not need the publicity but I wanted people to see the link between our house churches and caring for creation.

These are very exciting days here. We get invited to do creation care talks in public schools, are constantly invited to participate in environmental protection projects and we have a full agenda of taking people to sea for kayaking or diving. We are choosing to take the positive approach to caring for creation. Instead of trying to scare people into action we are asking them to join the winning team. We are seeing some amazing progress here as more and more people are joining the ranks of those who care for the planet. Here is the link to our new page.