Cities and Covid-19: UN Habitat Consultation Opportunity

The WEA Creation Care Task Force has developed a strong relationship with UN Habitat over the years, and will be hosting one of Habitat’s upcoming Urban Thinkers Campuses in two weeks. This is an excellent opportunity for LWCCN members who are working in cities to join with others in thinking through how Covid-19 is affecting our communities and how to respond. Here’s the announcement:

UN-Habitat has launched a campaign responding to COVID-19 (  As part of that campaign it is hosting a special on-line series of Urban Thinkers Campuses (UTC). The WEA Creation Care Task Force, which has developed a relationship with UN-Habitat over many years, is co-hosting the UTC focused on “Community Leaders on the Frontline” on May 14. The WEA’s COVID-19 Task Force (, which has an Impoverished Communities working group, will be sharing directly about its work and the lessons it is learning from frontline churches and leaders responding to the pandemic. 

Space is limited, so sign up to participate in these UTC’s. The Christian community has something to learn and something to share in all of these conversations. The most important thing, however, is that we can contribute recommendations and suggestions that can have an impact on policy makers, governments, industry, and civil society, including our own Christian community, through our participation. So let’s participate! Learn more and sign up here