Sacred Ecology advanced degree program at Fuller

Fuller Seminary has just announced a new Sacred Ecology and Cultural Regeneration Cohort will be included in their Doctor of Global Leadership degree program beginning in the spring of 2021.

This sounds like an amazing opportunity for anyone who wishes to combine advanced studies with an interest in and passion for God’s creation. Here’s the description:

Our civilization is unraveling, human life has become disconnected from any long-term purpose, and the viability of the Earth’s eco-systems are no longer certain. We need Christian spiritual leaders who will facilitate ecologically-aware expressions of the Kingdom of God, at the grassroots, in faith communities and small communities of interest everywhere. Through the Sacred Ecology and Cultural Regeneration cohort of the Doctor of Global Leadership Degree, emerging leaders will receive tools to become agents of transformation at this hinge moment in history. 

The program is being led by Dr. Ryan Bolger (learn more about or contact him here); full program details are here: Note that there is a November 1 deadline for early admission, and the program begins next March.