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Creation Care News Roundup

Here are a few recent news stories that should be encouraging to you (h/t Carol Phelps) 1) In a Bold Move, California’s Governor Issues Ban on Gasoline-Powered Cars as of 2035 https://insideclimatenews.org/news/23092020/california-auto-cars-gasoline-electric-vehicles-gavin-newsom 2) 09-21-20 WORLD CHANGING IDEAS   This is what a zero-emissions city looks like Oslo has an ambitious goal to cut […]

Tearfund needs a Middle East researcher

Calling academics with knowledge of environment, theology, and the Middle East: Tearfund UK needs you. They are advertising for a research consultant who will be able to produce a written report on “Environmental and Economic Sustainability (that is, both economic theology and creation care theology, and the intersection thereof ) […]