Love Your Place: Become a member before it’s too late!

Many of us struggle with how to bring our love for God’s creation and our desire to help creation heal into our every day lives.

That is what ‘Love Your Place’ is all about – this is a monthly subscription program from A Rocha USA (sorry, at this time membership is only open to people in the US) to help each of us connect with others and to provide the resources we need to really love the place where God has put us.

Here’s what membership will give you:

>Themed courses to help you cultivate a deep love for creation through curated science and theology materials, as well as devotional guides & action-steps.

>An online community to help you connect with others who care about creation.

>A weekly email with a practical resources you can use to care for creation.

>Exciting opportunities like eco-tourism trips, regional events, and content like podcasts and webinars.

>A few fun little pieces of flair, too.

There are three different levels of membership as described here.

But note: in order to adequately serve their members, this initial membership drive will close on October 5! That means you have less than four days to sign up.

Do it!