Tearfund needs a Middle East researcher

Calling academics with knowledge of environment, theology, and the Middle East: Tearfund UK needs you. They are advertising for a research consultant who will be able to produce a written report on “Environmental and Economic Sustainability (that is, both economic theology and creation care theology, and the intersection thereof ) from a Middle Eastern perspective.”

From the Terms of Reference:

Key Objectives
● Contribute to the development of Tearfund’s EES Theological Framework with insights from
the Middle East, reflecting its diversity in terms of gender, ethnicity, age group and
theological perspective.
● Provide a desk-based literature review and analysis of existing Middle Eastern written
theology on environment and economics.
● Hold interviews / focus groups (if possible) with key theological voices on the topic
(especially in cases where written theology is not available) .
● Prepare a research paper with the key findings from the Middle East, based on the
literature review and interviews / focus groups, which could contribute to advance
Tearfund’s EES work globally.
● This research is not to be exhaustive. Rather, it is to reflect key thinking/narratives/themes
from significant voices in the region.

Research Questions
● What does the existing Middle Eastern theological literature say in regards to EES (that
is, the intersection of economy and environmental care)?
● What are the traditional and indigenous Middle Eastern narratives around
Environmental & Economic Sustainability?
● What are the prominent themes and narratives in present theological discussions around
economic development and environmental/creation care? Wherever possible or relevant,
note the ways in which these prominent themes and narratives are distinctively Middle
● What are the remaining gaps in the theological discussion around environmental and
economic sustainability in the Middle East?
● What could a Middle Eastern, theological EES framework for a 21
st century context look like?

To apply for this consultancy research, please submit a CV and a methodology proposal via email
to Clark Buys (clark.buys@tearfund.org), but do read the full TOR document first.