Journal Article: A Theocentric Approach to Conservation and Development

Christian Relief and Development Advocacy, the new Journal of the Accord Network, has several excellent articles in their newest issue, including this one written by three brilliant friends of the Creation Care network, Ben Lowe, Rachel Lamb, and Ruth Padilla DeBorst:

Reconciling Conservation and Development in an Era of Global Environmental Change: A Theocentric Approach.

Here’s the abstract:

Longstanding friction between socioeconomic development and biodiversity conservation has become increasingly untenable in an unprecedented era of anthropogenic global environmental change. Despite numerous and high-profile attempts at better integrating these often-competing priorities, unresolved tensions remain as a result of dueling worldviews and approaches: much of development tends to be anthropocentric (centered on humans) while much of conservation remains eco/biocentric (centered on the bio/ecosphere). We offer theocentrism as a biblically normative and conceptually effective way to transcend and reconcile these conflicting worldviews. After providing a brief biblical overview of theocentrism, we highlight seven theoretical implications of this worldview. We then offer four practical applications for faith-based organizations along with examples of Christian groups that are seeking to more holistically integrate conservation and development in their work around the world.

Read the article here.

By the way, this journal looks to be both an excellent resource for those of us who want to keep up with important developments in this field, and a great avenue for publication for those who are doing field work that deserves to be shared. Submission guidelines here. (And when you publish, tell The Pollinator about it!)