New documentary film: Virginia’s Calling

“When her faith is challenged by a hurricane, a young evangelical mom must find a new way forward.”

Virginia’s Calling is a new documentary film of her story. From the website:

A homeschooling mom’s picture-perfect life is shattered when her home floods.  Just as she hits rock-bottom, an unlikely spiritual guide appears. A warm, intimate portrait of a strong and determined woman of faith, VIRGINIA’S CALLING offers a sensitive look into the human effects of climate change on an evangelical family that never thought climate change would affect them. Virginia’s new purpose has far-reaching effects.

Hoping to inspire fellow evangelicals to embrace creation care, Virginia shares, in her own words, this dramatic story of faith tested to the breaking point.

How can she hold on to evangelical beliefs and conservative convictions while working with people who don’t share them? God leads Virginia into challenging situations. Yet He also shows her the way, giving her the courage to step out of her comfort zone to do His will in the fullness of Christian love.

Here’s a 10 minute preview, or watch the full 30 minute documentary here.