A New Creation Care Book is out, released in German

And yet, I plant a garden: Sowing seeds of hope in the midst of the environmental crisis’ is a new book about creation care that has just been published in German, and we are delighted to share this with you!

In her book, agricultural scientist Naomi Bosch explores the root causes of the ecological and social crises of our times. She also outlines biblical solutions to these, further offering a hopeful perspective by recounting inspiring stories of people who are already walking the talk. And, she provides ideas on how to help regenerate your little corner of God’s creation—both individually and as community. 

Our very own Dr Dave Bookless commends this book for your attention:

This is a beautiful and important book – please read it! It is filled with love for nature, biblical wisdom, challenges to our lifestyles, and realistic hope. Be warned, it may change your life!’

You can order the book on Amazon and SCM-Shop, or get a signed copy directly from the author (message naomi@plentiful-lands.com or through Instagram/Facebook @plentiful_lands).