New Children’s book: Planet Protectors

It’s probably not an overstatement that the world is drowning in creation care books – but it would also be true that there aren’t very many such books designed for children (but check out this SS curriculum we recently wrote about). Paul Kerensa and Ruth Valerio are remedying that with the release this month of Planet Protectors: 52 Ways to Look After God’s World. Available in paper or e-book format (your editor would *not* recommend e-book for a children’s book – just saying…) from SPCK in England (but they seem to be offering international shipping for a price).

Here’s a summary:

Jam-packed with interesting facts, Christian theology and practical tips, Planet Protectors is an informative and empowering guide for children on helping the environment by living sustainably!

In a lively, entertaining style Ruth Valerio and Paul Kerensa offer 52 fantastic ideas for looking after the world – from cycling more and choosing fair-trade, to taking shorter showers and recycling. Children will love taking up a different challenge each week and be inspired to join the fight for the planet’s future as they learn about why it is so important to care for the environment and God’s creation.

With quirky illustrations perfect for colouring in throughout, Planet Protectors is an ideal book for 7- to 9-year-old children beginning to read independently. It is also a brilliant resource for parents and guardians to open up conversations with children about environmental sustainability, and for primary schools, Sunday schools and youth workers teaching about the environment.

Encourage and empower your children to see how they can make a difference and look after the world by becoming Planet Protectors.

Order here.