Plastics and God

Dell picking up plastic waste from oceans for use as new ...

Bob Sluka of A Rocha has just published a new book through Grove addressing the problem of plastics. (We seem to be talking about plastics a lot this month – here’s a story about a possible solution in Malawi)(and about books from Grove!)

E 201 Marine Plastics

Here’s the blurb on Bob’s booklet:

Plastic pollution continues to be a global problem. There are many “how to” resources, but fewer that examine the role plastic plays in our Christian life. A Rocha’s Lead Marine Scientist Dr Robert Sluka has published a new Grove Book “Marine Plastics” which could be useful for better understanding how plastic can play a positive role in healing our relationships: with God, each other, nature, and ourselves. Copies can be ordered from the Grove Books website –  A bargain for GBP 3.95!

The Grove booklet is a short examination of how plastic can heal or hurt relationships. Bob examines plastic pollution in light of biblical texts and several theologians’ writing, including Michael Northcott, Ellen Davis, and Pope Francis. The Epiloque looks at plastic in an age of Covid and broadens the discussion to Christian relief & Development. The book points readers to A Rocha’s newly updated Plastics Toolbox ( for tools and information on how to practically relate to plastic pollution in your location.