Pray for COP26 – Here’s a list of resources

The Lausanne/WEA Creation Care Network’s foundational document is The Jamaica Call to Action (read it here). One of the most important sections of that document is this Call to Prayer:

Each of our calls to action rest on an even more urgent call to prayer, intentional and fervent, soberly aware that this is a spiritual struggle. Many of us must begin our praying with lamentation and repentance for our failure to care for creation, and for our failure to lead in transformation at a personal and corporate level. And then, having tasted of the grace and mercies of God in Christ Jesus and through the Holy Spirit, and with hope in the fullness of our redemption, we pray with confidence that the Triune God can and will heal our land and all who dwell in it, for the glory of his matchless name.

In that spirit, recognizing that even UN conferences are part of that spiritual struggle, Ben Richards of YWAM and one of the organizers of CCOP (the Christian Climate Observers Program) has collected a list of resources and suggestions that might help all of us in praying in the weeks leading up to the Glasgow Climate meetings (COP26).

Prayer initiatives ahead of COP26

In the UK, many organizations and churches have picked up on a sense that God wants them to help people pray for COP26, and are working together, with as broad a base as possible. in an attempt to avoid unnecessary duplication.

So far, we have the following links for ways you could be involved:

In the 4 weeks ahead of COP26

YWAM Scotland has prepared this 4 min video showing key locations of Glasgow relevant to COP26, to help you/groups imagine what to pray for:

Pray for Scotland are facilitating 21 Days of Prayer with daily reflections and prayer points, 11th Oct – 31st Oct. Receive a daily prompt to pray by signing up here

Excellent prayer resources can also to found with: Tearfund,  

24/7 Prayer 

and Christian Aid

Ten  strategic prayer requests for COP26:

During COP26 (31st Oct-12th Nov):

Climate intercessors will be sending out daily prayer emails sign up here (these will also be carried by some other “intercession networks”.

YWAM Scotland will not only be involved in preparing these daily updates but also hosting international zoom prayer times during COP global zoom calls, 6pm UK time Sat 30th Oct, Wed 3rd Nov, Wed 10th, Fri 12th. Details will be sent out on Daily Updates via the climate intercessors mailings. 

Day of Humility – Sat 30th Oct. Before the conference starts, several churches in Glasgow, YWAM Scotland and others are developing a “day of humbling”, (and fasting, for those that feel led), and surrender before God. Details to follow via Climate Intercessors email updates. 

Another talk..

Some people will find this a helpful talk, explaining COP26, climate change and the role of intercession,. (1hr long, Ben Richards of YWAM England in a church in Glasgow, August 2021.)