A Prayer for Creation and COP26

This prayer comes from Plant with Purpose and was written by Ashlee Grishaber:

Loving God,

Heavenly Father, Creator,

Thank you for all You have made in the world—for the rich biodiversity and beauty found in the whole community of creation.

We lament over degraded ecosystems from wetlands to grasslands to marine and coastal systems. We lament the loss of biodiversity and the suffering of the world’s most vulnerable—the poor, disaster victims, and climate refugees.

Lord, we believe You are speaking into this moment and the climate crisis, prompting action.

Your Word says You have shown us what is good and what You require: that we act justly, love mercy, and walk humbly (Micah 6:8). 

We pray that the global Church would awaken to this mission with a sense of urgency and that these words would wash over COP26.

In the coming days of the conference, and for the months ahead…

  • We pray that voices from vulnerable communities, Indigenous peoples, and the Majority World would be divinely amplified and heard.
  • We pray that decision-makers and those in leadership positions would be bold and ambitious. We pray for honesty and keeping promises.
  • We pray for solutions that provide benefits for biodiversity, human well-being, and sustainable livelihoods.
  • We pray there would be commitment to the critical work of climate action without distraction or diversion.
  • We pray You would convict the apathetic and casual onlookers.
  • We pray for Your hope, resilience, and rest to those most affected by the climate crisis and those fighting for climate justice and taking action.

Holy Spirit, as You move over the waters of the Earth, would You move over us and make us exceptional listeners and people of action. 

Lord, hear our prayers. Amen

This is part of a series of stories on COP26 that we are aggregating from a number of different organizations who have people on the frontlines at COP26 in Glasgow.