The Oikos Network: A message from Ruth Valerio about an exciting new initiative

We are very excited about this program, and as it has come from the ever-creative Ruth Valerio, we asked her to send us a few words about The Oikos Network*. Here’s Ruth:

I’m delighted to let you know about a new initiative with A Rocha International, Tearfund and the Lausanne Creation Care Network. The Oikos Network is being set up to provide facilitated peer-group learning, support and encouragement for key individuals who are engaging churches in the crucial area of environmental care.

There are Christians around the world (including you reading this!) who are passionate about environmental care and active in engaging their churches, denominations and networks. But it can be a lonely and hard calling. So the Oikos Network will be a space to find support and build relationships with like-minded individuals from across the globe through online peer-support groups and events. It will be a place for you to voice your frustrations, celebrate your successes and learn together how to reach effectively into the Church in this area of whole creation care.

We have started with a six-month pilot to test and learn before launching it fully next year. That pilot has just started – three groups with ten people participating and three facilitators, with people from the Philippines, Ukraine, US, Malawi, UK, DRC, Thailand and elsewhere. The feedback from the groups so far has been so encouraging, with people expressing what a blessing it is for them to be on this journey together.

If you would like to know more – either you’d be interested in participating yourself or you would like to let others know about it – please do email and we will be in touch. Thank you.

Here’s to serving the church in our calling to be taking care of the whole creation!

Global Advocacy and Influencing Director, Tearfund

*Here’s a tidbit Ruth doesn’t mention: Did you know that the word oikos (NT Greek οίκος) means home, household, or family and is the root behind words like ecology and economy? Look it up!