Kenya Drought: an update


We received the following plea for prayer from a friend of LWCCN working with the Maasai in Kenya. There are many such stories happening around the world right now; perhaps this short glimpse into one of these tragedies can help us all to focus our prayers and other efforts on those who need help wherever they are:

Even though I am away, my heart and thoughts have been with my village where we serve in Kenya. As some of you may be aware, for the last few weeks we have had a bad drought that is ravaging the lives and livestock of the maasai that we have been serving.  I received sad news that two children succumbed to death due to drought and this broke my heart to the core. We have not had rain for last year and this year too hence no grass and produce. This has affected children. women and churches as people have to move in search for pastures. Please consider praying for the Maasai in this drought. If interested in supporting the drought emergency fund, let me know and I can share how to do it. May God of peace be with you as you pray for rain and immediate help to the pastoralist!

Here is a story from Reuters (with video) that gives an idea of the scope of this situation.

Contact Lemargeroi Saruni for more information.