Lausanne 4 is coming!

Next year, 2024, will be the Lausanne Movement’s 50th birthday and there are plans for the 4th Lausanne Congress (known as L4) in South Korea, 22nd-28th September.

As many of you know, the 3rd Lausanne Congress, Cape Town 2010, was significant in seeing “creation care as a gospel issue within the Lordship of Jesus Christ.” This helped spark the global creation care movement now known as LWCCN (the Lausanne / World Evangelical Alliance Creation Care Network).

L4 is not just a conference but a multi-year, polycentric global process to catalyse the collaboration of the global church towards the discipling of the nations and the shaping of the world in 2050.

There are two particular ways we’d love to see all who get The Pollinator involved in L4:

  1. Nominating delegates to attend L4 in person or virtually: it’s planned to have 5,000 in-person and 5,000 virtual delegates in Seoul, Sept. 2024. We really want creation care to be well represented. You can nominate people directly yourself here. The selection criteria are here, and include being a committed Christian in agreement with Lausanne’s basis. In addition, they want delegates to be globally representative (ie from everywhere), with at least 25% under 40, 40% women and 40% from the secular workplace (ie not working for churches or Christian organisations).
  1. Influencing the programme of L4: we are keen to ensure creation care is high on the agenda, as this is hugely strategic for shaping mission priorities over the next decades. Each Lausanne region is holding a gathering where they will discuss the Agenda. If you have any contacts with Lausanne in your country / region please email them to express the need to prioritise creation care, or even offer to attend and speak about this at your regional gathering.

    The details for the Lausanne 4 Regional Gatherings are as follows:

For more information, contact Dave Bookless and Jasmine Kwong, Creation Care Catalysts, on .