John Stott Lecture 11 November – You are invited

This year’s John Stott Lecture will (of course) be held online. This means that many of us who are not in or able to travel to London have the opportunity to join in. And we need to, because this year’s lecture is an important one:

Dr. Laura Meitzner Yoder, who is Director and John Stott Chair of Human Needs and Global Resources and Professor of Environmental Studies at Wheaton College will be “drawing directly on Stott’s writings on creation care” as well as her own extensive experience in researching human-environment interactions in Asia.

Dr Yoder is a wonderful friend of the Lausanne/WEA Creation Care Network, and if we may say so, is probably the most qualifed person in the world today to speak to John Stott’s views on creation care, since she has co-authored and edited a new book that simply must be added to your library: John Stott on Creation Care. The book is available now (on Amazon here; Kindle is available; our earlier post about this book here).

To join the lecture, which will be at 7 pm London time on 11 November, click here for registration information. Tickets are free, a £5 donation is welcome.